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Cappadocia Horse Riding


The Taurus Mountain Ride

The Taurus Mountain ride is a 5 or 6-day ride with 6-8 hours per day on horseback covering the vast terrain between Cappadocia and the Taurus Mountains near the coast at Antalya, then returning to Goreme – all by horse! Overnights are in tents along the way and all provisions are brought on horseback with us. The terrain changes from the unique rock formations around Cappadocia to the rocky, remote areas of the Taurus Mountain frontier, to the lush Mediterranean coastline…riding through small villages and meeting many interesting local characters along the route. This ride is only available in mid-summer as the mountain areas are covered in snow the rest of the year. This is a “rugged ride” and suitable for experienced riders and those comfortable with riding long days, sleeping in tents and who enjoy off-the-beaten-path adventures!

All meals are included for the multi-day rides. The meals are traditional stews and grills prepared on open fires in the valleys. Overnight accommodations in hotels/pensions are not included in the rate but we can arrange the hotels (for the Cappadocia multi-day ride) for you if you would like. The Taurus Mountain ride is only available with the overnight tent option.
We look forward to welcoming you to our ranch and sharing your amazing Cappadocia adventure with you! 
Please use the email link below to reserve your horseback ride in Cappadocia. 
Please advise the following information in your email:
- dates and/times of day
- type of ride (daily, multi-day, etc)
- number of people
- your riding experience level (beginner, intermediate, etc)
- the name/location of your hotel 

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